January 2012 Hauls!

Last December was really harsh for me, I had to work my self out just to earn enough money to pay for all the things I won at eBay (guess I won too much :P) so when January came I thought I wouldn’t get a single figure. . . . . . . . . . then I realized that my birthday was coming up, so after working my courage up to ask people for gifts, I received what you can call my January Haul. . . . .

I bought them at really low prices (thank you awesome strangers!) and if not for the low prices I would have just saved my money =) This is probably one of my otaku life’s major single purchase, after spending . . . . well considerably a lot I finally got my hands on my second and third Figma, as well as my first Nendo Petit sets. . . . I will be doing a review of them once I’m free of the chain which we call research T^T

Please do look forward to the figure review =))
Thanks for coming, please do drop by again =))


14 responses to “January 2012 Hauls!

  1. Hey, where are the figures of Angel Beats! Nendoroid Petites?! They’re gone?! Haha.

    Anyways, those are good birthday presents. Hmm..maybe I should consider getting a figure for my birthday this year too! =)

    • well as an excited lad, I opened them as soon as I got to my room 🙂 hahahaha. . . . . yeah you should get a figure! there are a lot of interesting ones coming out in months time

  2. Nice! Angle Beats Nendo Petit set!
    Those figmas are hard to sell, I’ve seen them in almost every figure shop i’ve been through.

  3. nice! I already have the Figma Mikuru Maid and School Uniform ver. so I stopped myself spending on her cheerleader ver. I like how you asked people for gifts though! Happy Birthday!

    • Well as long as its Mikuru I’ll go for it. . . hahaha It did take quite some effort and courage to ask them though 😛 Thanks btw 🙂

    • Figure collecting can be a pain in our wallets, but as long as we get the characters we love then its good, there are a lot of websites which you can checkout which will help you with that 😀

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