Otaku Expo 2012

After some nom noms and a short travel, I reached what you call the first anime convention of the year for us Filipino otaku. . . . .

This convention was really packed, with all the cosplayers, merchandise and figures I really was in a pinch to choosing which should I concentrate to, so after some wandering I decided to go for the figure eye candy that TeamOnii-chan Figure Display Team (cheers for them =D) had set up.
So here are my pictures:
Hatsune Miku cheering on all the on looking otaku XD

The really smexy but expensive Almecha Kos – Mos Ver 4., made by none other than our beloved Alter

Saber-chan here pulling of a really epic pose >_<


Ilya-chan~ hoshiii!

This picture is a reminder for all of you: DON’T TRUST WEIRD WHITE CREATURES THAT OFFER YOU CONTRACTS

Taiga-chan hiding behind the crowd. . . . . . . kawaii!

Sawaka-chan shocked to see her picture was taken. . . . .

Some Sakura-chan puchi @_@

El-chan~ working hard with capturing loose souls

Noumi-chan complaining why she’s trap in a glass display case

I hope my Student Council president was like Hina-chan -_- . . . . . . . . but I suppose my school has to be co-ed first =)

Seems like Saber-chan dropped her sword

I can’t still believe that Rider actually dies in FSN. . . . . its a serious crime >_<

Remember: Cross-dressing can attract a mob of shrouded men!

Aiko Kudo and Minami Shimada are probably my favorite. Who is you’re favorite Baka Test girl?

Elsie working even inside an anime convention

After taking a picture of Tear-sama I just realized I haven’t play TotA yet. . . . Maybe I should get a copy soon

Seeing Kanu in a China Dress is always refreshing ^_^

The anime convention even attracted the Goddess of Forest, must be a good omen

I wish she was my kouhai. . . . . .

ITADAKIMASU! ! ! ! ! !

Some fan made gunpla at the Gundam Caravan

Some Anime hats on sale

Mannn! Why had the strongest, most noble (and kawaii) Servant turn bootleg, Why!

Waiting patiently to ambush young girls that he might make contracts with

Which Zero? Lelouch or Suzaku?

If only all the waitresses in the world is like her. . . . .

Want an oddity? Anyone?

Hideyoshi. . . . . . .

Dizzy @_@

Lyn-chan~ and Yoshika-chan~ hunting down Neuroi =))

Homu-chan: What are you looking at otaku?

Imagine if all your shipped items from Amazon came like this?

Notice that most Black Rock Shooter carry the same dull expression . . . . . . . . if only she blushed at least once that would seriously be gap moe T^T

If you ever thought that Death Saurer was impossible, think again.

Nothing beats seeing our beloved Hina-chan~ in mizugi =3

Totally agree that all girls look better in maid outfits!

oh shoot! Judgment caught me taking picture of girls!

Domo-kun looks sad without anyone buying him =(

Well thats pretty much all I have to offer you. Sorry to those lads who were expecting cosplayer pictures, I was suppose to take pictures of them as well but I got caught up with Project Diva and Gundam Extreme VS XD .

Thanks for visiting my blog, hope to see you again soon.
Note: For some reason the pictures quite lousy when viewing normally, please click on the picture if you want a better view.

Now time for me to get some dindins. . . . .


7 responses to “Otaku Expo 2012

    • your neck of woods ought to have conventions like these, you go and complain to your government (jk) . . . . don’t worry you’ll get to one soon enough 🙂

  1. That saber lily figure is so awesome. Going to get her soon 😀

    Oh and I have that Code Geass Zero figure as well as the others including CC, Rolo, Anya and also Lelouch. They are cute. I also have the Senjougahara PVC. Best PVC I ever had.

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