Sega Prize Fate/Extra Saber

Last 2 weeks of December was known to me as the “Holy Auction War”, trying to win a lot while losing at the same time, as I was about to lose my command seals(cash) the Holy Grail(eBay) granted me a new servant from ancient Rome, Emperor Nero suddenly appeared before my very otaku eyes. . . . .

My 2nd review will be covering Sega’s rendition of the extravagant, tyrant but still kawaii Saber from the PSP game Fate/Extra.

Box Photo:

The box which imprisons Saber has an impressive design.

Box Content:

Aside from the main figure, it only has a few things with it,the crimson red sword, Aestus Estus: The Embryonic Flame, as well as an exchangeable head with an alternate art style from a artist that I don’t know 😛

The sword Emperor Nero(Saber) weilds, Aestus Estus,is quite good, a fresh design compared to the usual Excalibur/Caliburn one.

Her Majesty herself.

2nd head with different art style, ahoge much!

Outside the box:

The figure looks really impresive despite the Manufacturer no? When I first saw her I thought it was the figma ver.

Really like that flowing effect of her dress

The glossy red paint reminds me when I play around with poster paint when I was a child

Her Majesty is so extravagant and yet . . . . . . white pantsu?! . . . .

A close up on the face, she doesn’t really look like a tyrannical emperor or extravagant spender now does she?

nice job on the gold linings of the her dress, it really adds a good amount of detail to the entirety of the figure

The see-through frills on the sleeves of her dress also looks good.

As she said in the story of Fate/Extra, the skirt is not see-through, she just lets people see it. With this, I totally agree that the skirt should expose more @_@

Hope they have more Sega Prize figures like this @_@

Probably one of my most favorite part of the figure, the boots have a nice shade of gold and its fairly detailed as well, though the base seems boring at least its red so it doesn’t look too out of place.

A close up on the alternate face, I like the first one compared to this cause this one doesn’t look like an emperor that enjoys theaters or a luxurious life (if you have played Fate/Extra or know your roman history you would understand this). This looks more like a face that Arturia would pull off.

Same hairstyle and ahoge that Arturia carries, the ribbon always adds a nice touch to everything even mahou shoujo. . . .

Some close up to the back. . . . . .  The figure could have been a great. . too bad there’s some paint damage (well it is normal for Sega Prize figures. . . . . sigh). I’ll try to fix it once I have more time 😛

Well, that covers the review of this figure, overall I would say its better than expected, really impressive, a real treat from Sega,  with the price of which I bought her from (Php 880 = 1760 yen) its really a good buy. If you want more figures like her and happen to live at the Philippines, please to drop by Greattoysonline, they really have a lot to offer you there.

This finishes it. Thanks for viewing, please come and visit again!


2 responses to “Sega Prize Fate/Extra Saber

  1. The figure looks decent. I just don’t like the face though. But it’s alright I guess.
    I got one too you know but figma version of Saber Extra. I’m thinking of getting Saber Bride next. Not gonna miss on this one like how I missed Saber Lily.

    • Well its a what-you-pay-for-is-what-you-get kind of figure, Sega has been known to make cheap but somewhat good figures, can’t compare it to the epic ones from GSC, Alter and Kotobukiya. About the Saber Bride, well I’ll have to check my wallet first, don’t want to add anymore to holes to it 😀

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