Ozine Fest – Anime Figure Special

After a long journey, crossing mountains, seas and a . . . . k-pop themed convension?! I finally reach. . . .

Since its a year ender anime convention and the fact I have nothing else to do, I decided to exercise me and my soon to fall otaku body.

Here are some photos (Sorry can’t take pictures of all due to well, I have no reason for it :P)

What greater thing do than start the gallery with a picture of the only evil in the universe (that includes the conspiracy which we call shipping costs and tax)

figma hoshi! ! !

Saber’s Delusional Maid Ver. Scale Figure, I wonder if the owner displays her pantsu only. . . .

With Fate/Zero released last December, this is probably a must get, only if she had a more interesting pose of expression that is T^T

the more feminine, summer ver of Saber

Finally! Figma Saber was released again a month or two ago then out stock the next. . . .

Some Fate Stay Night Nendoroid Petit. . . . . .  I want to take Ilya-chan~ home! ! ! !

Miyafuji Yoshika-chan from Strike Witches

Getrud’s character design seems awfully nice no?

With Erica-chan, Sanya-chan is one of my most favorite witch/mecha-musume girl of all time.

Erica-chan is my waifu! ! ! !

What is a figure themed anicon without Hatsune Miku or Vocaloid?

Vocaloid figma, of which majority are out of stock (damn! the worlds so cruel >_<)

Hatsune Miku Lat-Type, just found out that the skirt is cast off. . . . . love points +99999

Some Miku Nendoroid Petit, Racing Miku looks too kawaii! . . . .. nosebleed

If I’m correct this is a wonderfest exclusive. . . . . wonder if I’ll be able to get my hands on it in the future. . .

K-On! figma, have you noticed that almost every Tsumugi-chan figure carries the same pose?

Some Normal Nendo and Nendo Petit of K-On! Th They’re in Mizugi?!

Suika Ibuki from the legendary doujinshi game series, Touhou. The figma looks promising I’ll probably pick it up when I have enough money for it 😛

Our favorite Shrine Maiden, Reimu Hakurei, in scale figure form. . . . . I wonder if she repels bad luck and evil when you keep her at your house. . . . .

Black Rock Shooter scale figure

White Rock Shooter figma, BRS or WRS who do you fancy more?

More Figures:

That finishes the coverage for the event, sadly wasn’t able to take much pictures due to my time, but any way I still had fun, if you’asking about the sloppy quality thats because Im using my 6 year old Sanyo S700 model.

Thanks for viewing and see you at the next event!


2 responses to “Ozine Fest – Anime Figure Special

  1. What sorcery is this? I want them all. I remember going to last year’s anime fiesta at my country where they have all this figures displayed.

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