Figma Hatsune Miku Append Ver.

Yay! ! Its the first figure review of this blog! This review will be covering Max Factory’s 100th Figma, Hatsune Miku Append ver.

Being an economical but hardcore otaku, I decided that a twin tailed vocaloid would be perfect as my first figma, so after some eBay searches and din dins, I stumbled upon what would change my otaku history forever. . . . . .

Box Photo:

For all figure collecting otaku, a larger box means only one thing, and yes you’re correct higher shipping costs, but hey! despite all that the figma inside it is quite good.


This is all the Append ver. figma comes with (man the hair took up so much space @_@) good thing it she has twin tails and the hair’s translucency effect.

More Box Content:

3 exchangeable faces, append “mature”, normal and closed eyes, and 2 “open” upper arms which the 01 marking which you usually see in Hatsune Miku-chan.

The main figure itself, the Hatsune Miku Append Ver. costume looks quite smexy don’t you think? If not for the “mature” feel to it, I probably would have just bought Project Diva and enjoyed some songs and mizugi XD.

The “awakened” version of what actually is her headphones (though unique, its still quite weird that they put it on her waist. . . . oh well)

The so called “tail” which is actually a cord for her headphones. A really good accessory only if it did not block the only hole for the stand T^T

Standard figma stand with waist clip

standard set of exchangeable hands

Outside the box and packaging, due to limited time (yet again) I decided to remove the hastle of balancing her hair and just placed her in her stand (Note: She can stand without it btw)

A close up to check the detail

Those detail lines rival those of gunpla panel lines.

leg detail: nice paint job on it, the texture is superb,I really like the Crypton Future Media band on her leg, gave additional emphasis to the “awakening” feel of the Append Ver.

Translucency hair effect of the Append Ver. gives off a feeling that her twin tails is disappearing into nothingness.

Articulation wise, without the stuff attached in her waist, is quite standard. Her hair has their own joints which provides good movement, same is true with her arms but it exposes the elbow joint a bit.

Some box art poses:

would you like to eat me?

twin tails daisuki! =3

sorry you’re mistaken, I’m not you’re waifu
I avoided using this pose when displaying her since the ball joint located in the hair/head part gets lose quite fast because of hair’s weight.

Same pose as the scale figure version. Since the hole for the stand has been occupied by the “tail” you have to use the waist clip. If only the society is unfair I could’ve bought it instantly. . . . I guess I really have to work hard.

Close up on the “awakened” or rather the “adult” face of Hatsune Miku, I prefer the normal kawaii ver. though

With all the open/awakened parts attached to it, love that belly button XD

Both hair facing upwards. Still amazed by the translucency effect of the hair.

Overall, the figure is a good buy, despite not being too playable and the amount of fragile parts that you have to take care of but hey! if you’re a hardcore Miku fan, then you should go and buy her but if you happen to be a first timer in the world of figma I suggest you get the SOS Brigade Chief, Haruhi Suzumiya.

That concludes my first review, please do expect more to come. Now time for my to get some nom noms.

Btw, if you’re asking where I bought her, I was able to win her at’s eBay account for a considerable price, Php 1800  (3600 yen, includes shipping, import tax and VAT if you’re in the Philippines) if you’re looking for reasonable prices for these then you should go and check Greattoysonline out.


5 responses to “Figma Hatsune Miku Append Ver.

  1. To honest, I would’ve gotten her but… got turned off by her bare feet…
    Her delici…I mean good sculpt and mature looks won me over though.

    Then again, got one guy I knew locally who owns an ARMY of figma Miki Append ver (all four of them) with a figma Luka leading the way.

    Scary? You bet.

  2. Got her like 4 weeks ago. I prefer this one than the PVC. I always hated PVC because I like the pose it in different angle so I could snap some pics.

    Oh and I missed the Miku original figma. But i’m getting the Miku figma support version tomorrow, was able to hunt one today 😀

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