Winter Anime 2012: Starting the year by watching more than you can. . . .

2011 has passed and comes 2012 with another anime season loaded with series that may interest a lad or two.

Compared to other anime seasons, I haven’t made much progress on this one with the exception of the Infinite Stratos OVA, Koi in Kogareru Sextet.

Well as expected of a harem – themed anime, girls yearning for a dense guy’s love(sigh). Now back to the OVA, don’t expect any mecha action on this one since this OVA just shows the group’s activities during the summer break, even though, it still provided me with some entertainment, most specially with Cecillia’s cooking and Laura’s misunderstanding of the Japanese culture. Overall I recommend you watch it if you’re a fan of IS, if not well, its up to you to decide.

Btw, Laura and Char are still my fav girls, who is your favorite IS girl?

One of the most awaited anime (well at least for me :P) with Bakemonogatari gluing my eyes to the the computer screen, getting me somewhat addicted,  you could imagine my reaction when I found out that it would be coming out this 1st quarter of 2012, with Shaft’s unique animation techniques and Bakemono’s awesome character designs  and stories, I expect a really mind blowing release.

The Black Rock Shooter fever, spreading across the world, drawing in thousands of fans as well as tons of merchandise, has finally reached its highest point, an anime series for itself! Being one of the most awaited anime of the season, its a must watch, BRS fan or not.

With the Zero no Tsukaima series pumping out 3 seasons already, the 4th one was really unexpected for me, I guess this really proves that tsundere characters can keep a series going, an example? Shakugan no Shana. I guess I’ll check this out, but not for Louise but for Tabitha-chan~

Being one of the first gundam’s I’ve watched, I felt a bit happy of it getting the HD treatment despite the negative feedback of hardcore UC fans, but I guess I’ll save this for later since I’ll be cutting down on mecha anime for a while.

Finally! the 3rd season of one of the most awesome Type – Moon franchise, combining all their series into one comedy is sure a smart move. Being a Fate/Tsukihime fan my self this has made me really happy. Hope that it just keeps on continuing.

Now that was  nothing but a bird’s eye view of the season, the anime above are series that I took interest of, which means there are more titles for you to enjoy and check out, with this said, For you which winter anime do you anticipate the most?


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