Holiday Loot

Yo! Well the holidays came through really fast and after finally buying too much gunpla I decided that I would need someone to be with me in the coming New Year’s Eve, and guess what I found? not one but five(XD)! to keep me company.

Now you’ll probably wonder if I have enough money to buy 4 prize figures why not buy 2 figmas or nendoroids instead, the answer? Well, because these were several items I won from 3 weeks of continuous auctions from Greattoysonline’s account in eBay, and seriously I would say its totally worth it since most of the items above, I won them for around Php 200 – 400 (400 – 800 yen), talk about price, its almost as if they gave the items away, too bad can’t say the same for Hatsune Miku and Saber there (won almost at the original price @_@) and since these are my first figures of the year, I’ m really happy and satisfied it. I really hope that the incoming future is bright, and in that future I could receive more figures.

Just a short note, if you happen to have or know someone with any Sega Strike Witches prize figures and doesn’t want it anymore, pls, dont hesitate to pm and sell it to me (as long as it has reasonable price and I have cash I’ll buy it), since I felt the obligation to complete them, or at least give poor Perrine-chan here a fellow witch to go with 😛

. . . . . . . . oh btw thanks for reading my first post XD, I”ll be doing a review of some of the figures as well as gunpla (if I have the time) so please do come again, goodnight (its actually 4 am here right now @_@)


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